Weekly Worksheets

Doing the hard work of overcoming is challenging. Perhaps your first step was "telling the story."  Now you can focus on the deep hard work of identitying and conquering the internal structures created to manage trauma.

Sometimes it's hard to know where to start and what to do next. 

These weekly creative fill-in-the- blank worksheets, based on our restoration paradigm, will be a great help to finding your way. 

The worksheets are designed to help you:

  • gain new self-awareness about what you're thinking and experiencing
  • give you some insights about how the thinking impacts you
  • action steps you can take to overcome the impact. 

Although originally designed for working with sexual trauma, the worksheets are useful for self exploration and personal development.

Each Monday a new worksheet is uploaded for your use.

Note:  This monthly subscription allows you to print 2 copies.  Please honor our request that if you would like to make additional copies, just contact us. [email protected])


This is fantastic. I love your client centered approach to therapeutic issues. Thank you for providing me with this worksheet, i appreciate it and look forward to the others!

Lauren A. O'Keefe, MS, LPC/ CR
Mental Health Therapist 






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