Emotional Health

This booklet contains 9 different lessons about emotions that will assist you in utilizing your emotions, not be ruled by them.

Lessons include:

  • Physiological Dangers of Stuffing Emotions
  • The Significance of Self- Regulation
  • 10 Important Self-Regulation Skills
  • Controlling Negative Reactions
  • The Connection Between Thoughts and Emotions
  • Judging Your Emotions
  • Being or Numbing Pathways
  • Speaking to Emotions
  • Emotions: Next Steps

 In his ground breaking book, “Emotional Quotient”, Daniel Goleman builds the case for the importance of recognizing and experiencing emotions.  He suggests that we have two minds, one that thinks and one that feels.

Ordinarily there is a balance between the emotional and rational minds.  However, when passions surge or trauma happens, the emotional mind gets the upper hand and can override the rational mind.

Emotions are tricky.  They are messy.  Sometimes they threaten to overwhelm.  And sometimes they are denied and ignored. 

In reality emotions are actually message senders.  When you acknowledge an emotional reaction, you are connecting to a great source of information about what you are experiencing and thus gain power to make adjustments or decisions as a result.

Emotional health is crucial to your mental and physical health.  The worksheets in this booklet will help you better understand that and move towards the appropriate balance. 

As you complete them, I suggest you share what you learn with either a therapist or trusted friend.  There is value in connecting this way.  And always, Rachel and I remain available to support.


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