Resources to Assist You

Connections Community On-line

Connect to others who know your struggle and can provide assistance. Overcome the deeply entrenched impact. Transfo...

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Restore the Guardrails of Sex

Join in a grassroots movement to end sex abuse by adjusting the "Social norms" around sex.   Check here for soc...

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Advance! On-line Course

This Advance! Course provides: Tangible skills to identify, then shift the beliefs born from trauma. 16 Videos, ave...

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Identity Portfolio

Your Identity Portfolio includes: 1. Emotional Quotient Survey  (Born, Davis) 2. Character Qualities Discovery...

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FREE Webinar Recordings

It is our hearts passion to provide you with creative resources to support your journey of overcoming sexual trauma. ...

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Weekly Worksheets

Doing the hard work of overcoming is challenging. Perhaps your first step was "telling the story."  Now you can ...

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Beyond Recovery to Restoration Book

As a victim of sex abuse, you have formed a trauma identity.  The Restoration Paradigm provides skills ...

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Restoration Workbook

Read the Beyond Recovery to Restoration Book, and complete this workbook! Gaining new self-revelation, you can move ...

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I-Power Character Books

Building character traits in our children doesn't just happen. The I-Power kids, Noah, Anna, Levi, Claire and Victor...

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Family Connections Kits

The family is the shelter within which a child’s identity is either nurtured or structured.  An intentiona...

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