No One Said Anything

Last Saturday Rachel and I sat with a bereft mother of a 5 year old girl who had revealed that her step-dad was doing inappropriate sexual things. These statements were said to the mom as she sought support from family and friends:

“You’re just unhappy in your marriage and want out.”

“She was making it up because she was jealous of the new baby.”

“You’re postpartum and crazy.”

“Are you sure that happened? He could really get in trouble if you say that.”

And when she spoke to several close friends three people said, “I was always a little uncomfortable with how he related to her.”


The only person doing the correct thing was the mother who immediately removed herself and her daughter from the situation, in spite of her shock, fears and personal needs.

Sitting with this mother, it was difficult for me to control my emotions.

  • I felt such compassion for this mother and daughter

  • I felt such outrage that STILL people refuse to believe a child.

  • I was vindicated in my belief that awareness alone doesn’t change things.

  • I felt depressed because it appears we aren’t making progress in tackling this issue.

Current prevention models are really risk reduction. And they failed this 5 year old girl.

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