When the movie ended, the handful of people in attendance just sat there. I was crying, trying to get my emotions under control. The movie “Spotlight” is a powerful portrayal of the investigation by the Boston Globe that uncovered the priest abuse and the complicit participation of many to hide it.

There are so many layers to the film; I’m not sure what to address first.

You see the victims willing to speak to reporters and lawyers about the atrocities they endured as children.

You see the subtle threats made to the reporters by a powerful, wealthy, Catholic Church.

You see the personal cost the investigative reporters experienced.

You see the entanglement of “ethics” and laws that were used to hide the hideous.

You see the disregard for children, sold out by a powerful system that creates smoke screens.

You even see how a priest had twisted thinking about what he was doing.


Don’t turn your head away because the topic is distasteful.

We have to get serious about addressing sexual abuse in our city!

It is time for us as a community to really do something about sexual abuse of children. Our prevention efforts have been ineffective. Awareness and being able to spot abuse with the hope someone will say something, will not end it!

It is time for us all to become investigative reporters – to take a hard look at the systems in which we live and work and demand that our mindsets and social norms shift!


Then contact me and let’s get started at a new level!

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