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Opening Internal Doors

Sometimes when experiences overwhelm us, we shut away the reality and lock the door.  Feels safe - for the moment.  However, when we shut things away, we are missing out on healing, hope and wholeness.  Join Rebecca and Rachel as with sensitivity and care they invite you to begin healing by recognizing the doors and what they might hold.

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Parenting with Personal Power
in the face of Government Control

As I think about the challenges of parenting school age children in this climate, I have a great empathy for parents. At the same time parental actions have a decisive impact on children's development. As a parent, one of our responsibilities is to connect our kids to their authentic identity and equip them with personal power. Consider what message you send your child when you mask them up and send them off.  Let's come together and figure this out.

My thoughts have been lingering around the "esscence of who I was created" to be.  It seems like I am beginning to truly understand what you are talking about. As a result I question my thoughts more and am able to make decisions from a more productive place and feel less anxious.





I find switching my language has opened the possibility and new action.  Thank you for challenging me in this way.


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