Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

Uncategorized Apr 05, 2018

The couple looks full of grace as they move across the floor, dancing slowly, embracing each other. You can feel the connection they have.  You can see how they move together and you know they have been dancing together for a long time. 

They are so in tune that it is hard to tell who is leading whom.  So entrenched are they that they are not aware of the atmosphere around them; that the dance they are dancing is dangerous for them.

They are slow dancing in a burning room.

This is a picture of the unrestored victim of sex abuse. He dances with and embraces the impact of the trauma.  He remains connected to the mindsets, beliefs and coping structures he has built as a result.  She embraces the belief that she is unlovable and waltzes through life not recognizing that the belief first, is not true, and secondly burns away the possibility of feeling loved.

The space in which they move is burning up around them as the mindsets and beliefs lead the dance.  Depression, anxiety, dissociation, numbness dance to the tune they create as long as the victim dances with the trauma.

Truly surviving sex abuse demands that you change partners.  Refuse to dance with shame, with a lack of value and worth.  Drop the hands of that partner and move towards knowing the freedom of dancing from the place of who you were created to be!

1.  RECOGNIZE – what mindsets born of trauma are you dancing with?

2. POWER OF AGREEMENT – You have the power to decide what you will agree with as truth by looking at:

3. EVIDENCE – Listen to what safe loving people say about you and agree with that!

4. EXCHANGE – Ultimately, exchange the negative for the positive messages.

Dance the dance that you were meant to dance.

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