Seeing Truth

Uncategorized Mar 06, 2018

I spent last week bingeing on movies while I nursed a cold.  I heard this statement in one of the movies and it resonated within me.  Of course I had to explore it.

“There is a sickness in people that stops them from seeing truth.”

I am dedicated to seeking truth for others and myself. I ask many questions and try to think critically and creatively.  I totally believe that finding truth sets you free to make sound decisions, uncover more of authentic identity and walk a path of destiny.  Some of the truths we have to face are disturbing.  Dysfunction, hurtful dynamics, poverty, sex abuse and disregard are horrific realities to face. However, even in those realities there are valuable insights that when confronted can bring about deep change for self and others.

Consistently I see people resist seeing truth, embracing their perceptions as fact and settling for limiting lies about self.  They hide inside false structures of thinking as a form of protection. Thus, they perpetuate pain and dysfunction while missing being all they can be and affecting the world.

 So, what is the sickness inside that stops truth seeking?

·         Unhealed wounds – Life is difficult.  When our hearts, bodies or minds are hurt, we are wounded and make adaptations or excuses and seldom face the impact of the wound.  An unhealed wound has toxins that affect your life.

o   What do to:  gain self-awareness, recognize the mindsets and identity born of trauma and work to heal it.

·         Complacency – It is easier to not change.  It is easier to stay the status quo. 

o   What to do:  push through the uncomfortable feelings and take the risk and step towards the new.

·         Doubt and fear – you give your power away to paralyzing questions that may not have a reality to them.

o   What to do: Override and silence the “what if’s” and resolve to move forward.

I have a dream and vision of a changed world – one where children grow up knowing their value and present to the world the unique gifts they carry. For within each person is an important design that carries potential and the possibility to make things right.

It requires the courage to step into knowing truth and actively responding with the uniqueness of who you were created to be! 

P.S.  Connections has resources to aid you in this journey!

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