Being vs Living Numb

Uncategorized Oct 06, 2017

You absolutely can choose the way you want to live! You can either live from the place of soul synchronization, i.e. your mind, will and emotions aligned and working together; a place of "being" or you can live "numb."

Here are 5 approaches that decide which path you choose.
1. Face the trauma or Hide from the trauma.

I believe that facing the trauma means that I will end up ______________________________________. Facing the trauma will also require me to _______________________________. To face the trauma I need ___________________________________________ so that ________________________________________________________________.

 Hiding from the trauma allows me to ______________________________________ so that I don’t have to feel _____________________________________. I believe that feeling these feelings means ________________________________________________.

2. Stay vulnerable to yourself or harden your heart towards self

When I am faced with understanding how sex abuse impacts me I _____________________________________________ and want to

_______________________________.  I heard it would be helpful to

__________________________________________ but I struggle to


3. Cry about the impact or Lie about how you feel

When I cry about the trauma I feel _____________________________ and like I need to ______________________________________________.

When I deny myself an emotional reaction such as crying then I am also denying ___________________________________________________________. As long as I deny myself the opportunity to experience an emotional release of what I have experienced then I will never fully experience _______________________________________________.

4. Do the work whole hearted or partial hearted

My attitude towards healing restoration is typically that I will __________________________________. I feel as if I (do,    do not) have other options such as __________________________________________.

These options are to make sure that my power of agreement is

_______________________________________________________. Over all I would say that my attitude towards healing is (whole hearted,    partial hearted) and is evident when ________________________


5. Embrace the wounded part or Reject the wounded part.

When it comes to accepting the knowledge that I have experienced trauma I spend much of my time trying to ___________________________________________________________________________

_______________________. I may mention or acknowledge that something happened to me but the thought of embracing or rejecting that knowledge causes me to think ________________________________________________________________

and feel as if ________________________________________________.

At the moment I am choosing to (embrace,  reject) the understanding of the impact of trauma so I don’t have to _______________________________________________________________________.

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