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Overcoming Sex Abuse

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What We Do


Hiding the fact of sexual abuse and keeping the secret serves only the perpetrator.  When you turn and face the reality of the trauma and address it's presence in your life, you open the door to overcoming.


Sexual abuse impacts what you think about yourself and the world around you. Processing means you identify that impact use restoration skills and move through your current reality to the freedom of you.


You aren't what happened to you. Connecting to your authentic identity as you process the impact of sex abuse gives you freedom to resolve who you are.  Sex abuse happened to you, it doesn't define you.

How Does It Work?

Sex abuse leaves a deep internal wound in ones heart and spirit.  The wound develops a negative message that becomes a guiding force in life.  The Restoration Paradigm provides a process for overcoming and healing that wound message.

Core skills of restoration include:

  1. Recognize - Identify those messages, coping skills and internal structure built from trauma.

  2. Power of Agreement - Utilize your ability to decide what you will agree with and not agree with. 

  3. Internalize - Make part of your thinking the truth of your value as a person, and overcome the wound message

Connections has resources to assist you in this journey:

  • Worksheets available here

  • Live online group the last Monday of each month

  • "Beyond Recovery to Restoration" book by Born and Davis and accompanying workbook

  • "The Quest" workbook for men overcoming sexual trauma

  • "Advance!" workbook to establish restoration skills

  • Worksheets for various topics

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