Live from a place of authenticity. . .
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You can be restored to all you are capable of being!

There is power in your authentic identity - reconnect to it!


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Your Greatest Self


You were created with all you need to be you!  Your personality, your preferences, your talents, your passions, your interests, are all hardwired in your DNA.


Trauma and dysfunctional families cause each of us to disconnect from all of who we were created capable of being. We accept labels and assign meanings to our experiences and the create an identity that is not the authentic you.


The process of restoration provides the direction for cleaning off labels, and reconnecting to Authentic Identity. That's where your power lies to impact life.



The workbook and their teaching gave me tools to recognize and undo negative ways of thinking. I don't believe (after many years of therapy) that I have had such a great tool and understanding to reach the deep wounds'. .



Out of the Darkness - Painted by Rachel Davis


Being part of the Quest CST men’s group has given me hope to change, a process to continue to change, an understanding of my false beliefs that I’d never had previously, an enriched vision for my future, knowledge that I’m not alone in my issues, and hope to change


J.T., Male Victim



One of the greatest sorrows within people is a lack of knowledge of who they really are.  What you might believe about yourself is based on stereotypes, labels spoken about you or beliefs born from experiences.  That means that your authentic identity is buried.

At Connections we believe you are created with all you need to complete your purpose.  What you bring to the table in the form of your talents, gifts, and passions is what makes a difference in the world around you.  You carry something very important.  When you address life from your authentic identity you have power. 


The exciting news:  you can absolutely reconnect to all authentic aspects of your identity and live from that place of power.

Let us help you do that!


restoration skills


When you appropriate the skills offered in our Advance! Workbook, you will have the core skills to impact your life rather than be impacted by it. 

Let us know you'd like the material!


Recognize: See the impact of sex abuse in your language, actions and demeanor. Recognize safe people and the positive messages you receive.


Responsibility:  You are responsible to change. Do the hard work of shifting the negative and hurtful impact.


Internalize:  Make the positive aspects of you part of your thinking.  Replace the negative beliefs and thoughts.


Power of Agreement: You do not have to stay the same.  You can stop agreeing with the assigned negative values and agree with the truth of your value.


Going through the Advance! group helped me identify the relationships that were destructive to who I am as a person. It also helped me develop healthier skills so that I could take better care of myself in relationships.





of life


The Vibrancy of Life: No matter what we have experienced there is always within us the potential to connect to the richness and vibrancy of our true identity and purpose.

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