Family Connections Kits

The family is the shelter within which a child’s identity is either nurtured or structured.  An intentional exploration of your family make-up can create the atmosphere necessary for your children to walk in their strengths and authentic identity.  

Family Connections provides:

· A monthly kit delivered to you with a creative and fun interactive activity with a  purpose.  All supplies. directions, questions and purpose described for you!

Such activities as:

  • Creating A Family Banner choosing 3 core guiding words.
  • Family Member of the Week - special recognition for each
  • "You've Got Mail" - create personal mailbox and specialized notes for each person
  • Guidelines to create a Family Newsletter with specific assignments.
  • "Where is it going?"  A look at individual qualities and how it maps destiny.

· Facebook Page to interact, post and download  additional activities.            _________________________

Cost:  $40 a month or $45 for individual kit





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