Know Who You Are

“Let each become all he was created capable of being.” Thomas Carlyle


Connections Focus


Your family unit creates the atmosphere in which each member develops. Intentionally designing a family identity and together reinforcing values through our Family Connections, the destiny of each family member is supported.


Sexual Trauma

You are not what happened to you! Trauma forms mindsets and beliefs that create a trauma identity.  The authentic you is still there and available.  Our workbooks, worksheets and online community provide the support needed for restoring to authentic identity.


Authentic Identity

Your power to impact life is found in your authentic identity.  You can absolutely be all you were created to be.  Get the resources to do so here.


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Discover Identity

You aren't what happened to you! And you are aren't what people have labeled you.  Discover your authentic identity.

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Family Connections Kits

An intentional exploration of your family values can create the atmosphere necessary for your children to walk in their strengths and authentic identity.  

Family Connections provides:

· A monthly kit delivered to you with a creative and fun interactive activity with a  purpose.

· Facebook Page to interact, post and download  additional activities.

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